Glass is set to the front of the system, and may be glazed from either the interior of the building for labor savings or from the exterior at column line applications. The system may be installed with head and sill members running continuously or with the head and sill members cut in between the vertical members. Sill flashing is only required when the head and sill members are cut in between the verticals; in addition, sill members are anchored without penetrating the sill flashing.

Product Data


Expedited Shipping / Non Thermal


  • 1-3/4” Face by 4-1/2”Overall Depth
  • Screw Spline or Shear Block Construction
  • Optional Structural Silicone Glazed  Intermediate Vertical
  • Optional Strap & Roll-over Anchors Available for Precast Conditions


Construction Use: New / Retrofit

Sightline: 1-3/4″

Mullion Depth: 4-1/2″

Framing Installation Method: Continuous Head and Sill / Vertical Through / Screw Spline

Glazing Installation: Outside / Inside

Glass Type: Monolithic

Glass Configuration: Center