The system can be glazed from either the interior or the exterior as required. YES 45 TU Front Set was designed for excellent

thermal performance with standard* Low E insulating glass. Hinged mullions coupled with 90° or 135° inside and outside corners allow creative freedom when curves and angles are part of the design.

Product Data


Thermally Broken


  • Excellent thermal performance utilizing standard 1″ insulating glass
  • Patented ThermaBond Plus® thermal break
  • High Performance Sill Flashing
    • No Blind Seals
    • Tall back leg for enhanced water resistance
    • Patented 3 point attachment of end dam
  • 2″ Face x 4-1/2″ Overall Depth
  • Patented Screw Spline Technology or
  • Shear Block Assembly


Construction Use: New / Retrofit

Sightline: 2″

Mullion Depth: 4-1/2″

Framing Installation Method: Screw Spline / Shear Block

Glass Type: Monolithic / Insulating

Thermal Method: Pour and Debridge