This 2-1/2″ sightline outside glazed curtain wall system utilizes MegaTherm® technology with structural polyamide struts (in 3 widths) that accommodate standard 1″ glazing units as well as advanced glazing options such as triple glazing and suspended film technology.To ensure long-term structural integrity, the dead load of the insulating glass rests on integrated structural supports, diverting this load away from the thermal barriers.

Product Data


Advanced Thermal / Thermally Broken


  • Outstanding Thermal Performance – three MegaTherm strut widths allow Glazing infills of 1″, 1-1/2″, and 2″ and overall U-factors as low as 0.17
  • Warmer interior surfaces – Increased resistance to condensation, with a CRFf up to 82
  • Optional integral sill flashing
  • Ability to integrate with building’s air-vapor barrier


Construction Use: New / Retrofit

Sightline: 2-1/2″

Mullion Depth: 1″ Glazing Infill: 6″, 7-1/2″ │ 1-1/2″ Glazing Infill: 8″, 9″ │ 1-3/4″ Glazing Infill: 6-3/4″, 8-1/4″, 9-3/4″ │ 2″ Glazing Infill: 8-1/2″, 10″

Framing Installation Method: Shear Block

Glazing Installation: Outside

Glass Type: Monolithic / Insulating

Glass Configuration: Front

Thermal Method: Iso Struts