Shop glazed cassettes interlock with integral adapters on horizontals to create full width engagement top and bottom. YCW 750 SSG accommodates YKK AP’s award winning sun control systems, ThermaShade® sun shades and Luminance® light shelves for a complete sustainable design solution.

Product Data


Non Thermal


  • Versatile Framing Design
    • 4-side structural silicone shop glazing
    • 2-side or 4-side structural silicone glazed in the field
    • 4-Side captured (YCW 750 OG & YCW 750 IG)
    • 90° inside and outside corners
    • Accommodates splayed wall designs
  • Structural setting block chairs
  • Variety of face covers
  • Dual Finish capability (inside / outside finish)


Construction Use: New / Retrofit

Sightline: 2-1/2″

Mullion Depth: 5″ to 10-3/8″ system depths available

Framing Installation Method: Shear Block

Glazing Installation: Outside / Structural

Glass Type: Monolithic / Insulating

Glass Configuration: Center