CN 40 T is thermally broken by means of MegaTherm® technology. The design of the thermal break permits the architect to select one finish on the exterior and a different finish on the interior.

Sill construction provides for positive weepage of moisture to the exterior. Known as a “Stacking/Can System,” the YCN 40 T system offers the installer many labor saving advantages.

YCN 40 T accommodates our hinged mullion, accepts 1″ glazing, and is available for exterior glazing.

Product Data


Thermally Broken


Construction Use: New / Retrofit

Sightline: 2-1/4″

Mullion Depth: 4-3/8″

Framing Installation Method: Continuous Head and Sill

Glazing Installation: Inside

Glass Type: Insulating

Glass Configuration: Front

Thermal Method: Iso Struts