Extension to the system range for outward-opening Schüco Window AWS plus innovation study on the range of fittings

Interesting system enhancements for outward-opening Schüco Window AWS – presented for the first time at BAU 2015. The range now includes double-vent windows and window doors. These allow large opening widths without obtrusive centre mullions to be combined with user-friendly, narrow vent widths – an additional, attractive design option for residential and commercial properties.

Another new development is that outward-opening window doors from the systems Schüco Window AWS 70.HI and Schüco Window AWS 75.SI+ will also be available with an easy-access threshold in future – in a side-hung or double-vent variant. An additional plus point is that, at 12.5 mm, the threshold height not only fulfils requirements in Germany (maximum 20 mm), but also numerous international standards, such as those in the UK with a maximum of 15 mm or the USA with a maximum of 12.7 mm.

Schüco is presenting an innovation in terms of fittings, too. The prototype for a new range of fittings for the opening types projected top-hung and projected side-hung. Here the emphasis is on the high load-bearing capacity of the fittings as well as an optimised fabrication concept. Instead of the previously customary adapter profiles and screw connections, only clamping connections based on locking cams are to be used for fastening in future. A solution which has already proven to be a success with the Schüco AvanTec fitting and also in the façade insert unit Schüco Window AWS 114. The concept of a modular projected top-hung fitting, which has already been implemented in that system, will also be used for the outward-opening window systems.

The system enhancements are rounded off by optimisations in the area of burglar resistance. The outward-opening side-hung and double-vent window variants with surface-mounted hinges satisfy class RC 2 – alternatively, tests in accordance with PAS 24 will be available for the UK market.


  • New: double-vent windows and window doors with large opening widths without obtrusive centre mullions


  • Burglar resistance to RC 2 and tested to PAS 24
  • Easy-access threshold for Schüco Window AWS 70.HI and Schüco Window AWS 75.SI+

Enhanced function

  • Stays with integrated limiting stay
  • Projected top-hung stays can also be adjusted under a full load