The Schüco window systems with a basic depth of 90 mm combine the benefits of aluminum with maximum thermal insulation for design-orientated, sustainable architecture

In the basic depth of 90 mm, Schüco offers a comprehensive modular window system, including new passive house certification. Its series Schüco AWS 90.SI+, Schüco AWS 90.SI+ Green and Schüco 90 BS.SI+, which feature maximum thermal insulation, represent a perfect combination of structural requirements with the greatest possible degree of architectural design freedom.

With the Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI+ series, the narrow face widths and concealed vents allow the realisation of harmonious aluminum block window solutions in single and now double-vent designs. With a basic depth of 95 mm, passive house standard can even be achieved.

Innovative, sustainable and future-proof – significant proportions of renewable raw materials are also being used for the first time in insulating bars, foam and gaskets for the Schüco AWS 90.SI+ Green generation of windows, which is production-ready. For example, the use of castor oil, an ecological substitute for fossil fuels, in polyamide insulating bars.


  • Schüco Window AWS 90.SI+ Passive house certification due to improved thermal insulation of Uf ≤ 0,8 W/(m²K)
  • Insulation zone with foam-filled insulating bars optimised
  • Large glass thicknesses can be used


  • Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI+ with concealed vents and opaque look: slender face widths from 77 mm
  • Block windows now also in double-vent design


  • Can be combined with Schüco TipTronic


  • Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart concealed fittings system
  • Burglar resistance available to RC 1 N, RC 2 and RC 3

Enhanced function

  • Series variants with maximum thermal insulation to passive house standard available:
  • Block windows without visible vents
  • Aluminum window system with “green” components: insulating bars, foam and glazing gasket with significant proportions of renewable raw materials; tested profile and insulating bar system as a series product – certification for bio-based products through TÜV quality seal DIN CERTCO
  • Easy-access opening and double-vent units