The Latest in Popular Door Styles and Designs

The doors everyone is talking and dreaming about.

While many of us replace entry doors for cosmetic reasons, door replacement is one of the top 10 remodeling projects when it comes to ROI and increasing home value. Choosing a stylish entry door that will remain beautiful and on-trend for years to come offers even more added benefits.

So, what are the latest and greatest door styles to enhance curb appeal and resale value? To help you choose the new door style that’s best for you, read below for a guide to the hottest designs.

Front Door Styles
When it comes to choosing the perfect pick for your entry door, there are many features and options to consider. Materials like fiberglass, steel and wood offer different advantages, and our AdvantagePlus Protective Frame System works hard to retain the beauty of all materials while protecting against rot, drafts and leaks.

From an aesthetic standpoint, there are more than 30 finishes and colors to choose from, along with exclusive, hand-assembled decorative glass patterns. Once you have your finish, color and glass picked out, you can then choose from a variety of sidelight and transom styles, which can increase your curb appeal and the amount of natural light that floods your entryway.

To create a divided light effect, you can also add grilles between or to the interior and exterior of the glass. Other accessories include a dentil shelf, typically used on Craftsman doors, and clavos and hinge straps, which create an old-world, Mediterranean style.

Modern Door Styles
If you’ve driven around a new construction neighborhood recently, you may have noticed the mid-century modern look is popular right now in new home designs and remodels. These doors typically feature a flush door surface with glass panels, which are typically square, rectangle or round.

While modern French doors have been widely used as a patio door option for years, architects are increasingly using double doors to create a similar look on the front exterior of the home.

Contemporary Doors
Similar to modern doors, contemporary front doors feature clean lines, paneling and natural elements. We love the 5-panel, white-stained wood front door pictured above, and how its sleek hardware rounds out its contemporary design.

Colonial Doors
Colonial doors are traditional in nature and often feature symmetrical, columned paneling and glass features. If you want a truly classic colonial look, opt for a black, brown, red, white or blue stain or paint and pair it with white exterior siding. You can learn more about how to create the perfect colonial-style home by reading our tips on styling and maintaining this type of home.

Cottage Doors
Cottage front doors have features similar to the Craftsman style, but are often simpler in nature. While Craftsman doors are usually fashioned with a natural, unstained look in mind, the woodwork of a cottage door is usually painted. Windows and dentil shelves are also a common design element in these doors, as cottage-style homes are known for being quaint, intriguing and welcoming.

Learn more about installing your dream door style today by scheduling a free, in-home consultation with one of our expert door representatives.