From horizontal pivot vents in panoramic format through to floor-to-ceiling vertical pivot vents – new system solution with a focus on user comfort

Innovative revival of horizontal and vertical pivot vents. Schüco offers a unique system solution for the intelligent opening type which can be used to create outstanding panoramic formats and is perfectly suited to flexible room ventilation – a balanced system with optimum user comfort.


  • Horizontal and vertical pivot vents are available in three basic depths of 50, 65 and 75 mm, in order to fulfil various thermal insulation requirements.


  • New handle design without tilt lever: clear, symmetrical alignment; available in various colours
  • Opening width can be adjusted on a project-specific basis
  • Lockable handle regulates access for cleaning

Enhanced function

  • Pivot housing with slot-in pre-positioning of the packing plates: very easy installation and adjustment options for optimum setting of the reverse rebate area
  • Locking points from the Schüco SimplySmart modular system, including clip-in Schüco SimplySmart plastic locking bar: no need to punch the vent frame corners
  • Installation saves time, is flexible and tolerant of errors