We know windows and doors – inside and out

Deluxe Windows NJ is more than just your supplier – Deluxe is your valuable business partner. Whether you’re an architect, builder, remodeler or replacement contractor, Deluxe understands the challenges you face. We know it’s not just a project on the line – it’s your reputation. That’s why we’re dedicated to being a partner you can trust, and your source for solutions that can positively impact your business every day.

Resources for Architects

Architecture is the language of the senses. It’s shown through light and written in wood, reflected in metal and speaks of its time. It’s a language that changes. Not everyone can understand it, but for those who do, every space tells a story.

Deluxe, makes it our business to speak your language. To provide you with countless innovations that help bring your feelings and ideas to life.

At Deluxe, we take pride in providing you not only stylish products that work for you, and your customers, but also the services and resources you expect.

For Builders

Now more than ever, Deluxe offers what you need to design, build, remodel and replace. More custom sizes for more products. More service coverage from coast to coast. it’s no wonder why the Deluxe is the choice for contractors.

For Remodelers

Whether you are matching existing architecture, delivering energy efficiency or fitting budgets your customers demand, Deluxe can help. We offer a broad portfolio of products – all renowned for their long-lasting,* energy-efficient, low-maintenance designs. With custom size capabilities, a choice of wood species and exterior colors, and other options and accessories, you have everything you need to create what your customers have in mind.

For Replacement Contractors

Deluxe is committed to being your window and door company for replacement. With Deluxe, you have the ability to order custom sizes for a wide variety of full-frame windows, insert windows and patio doors. In addition, we offer a range of interior and exterior options, custom grille capabilities and products that arrive prepped from the factory for easy installation.