Commercial Balcony Doors New Jersey New York

Commercial Balcony Doors New Jersey New York

Heavy duty balcony  doors create weather resistant access to exterior spaces, while offering occupants security, privacy, and a barrier to the outside world.  Contemporary architectural design calls for commercial sliding and terrace doors with minimally intrusive sightlines and high-performing functionality. Our balcony doors integrate seamlessly into our storefront, window wall, and curtain wall systems.  Creating broad vistas with larger lights of glass and smaller site lines.

Balcony doors with the Protek® Hurricane and Blast mitigating designation are designed to protect buildings from the impacts of hurricanes and man-made disasters. These systems have been independently tested to the requirements of ASTM E 1886, ASTM E 1996, and the test requirements for the Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zone (TAS 201, TAS 202, & TAS 203).

YKK AP offers a complete suite of tools and engineering services to assist in proper system selection, specification, and installation, contact your local sales representative for more information.


YKK AP is your partner for sustainable building and LEED v4 certification. With the completion of a comprehensive life cycle analysis (LCA), YKK AP can now provide product-specific Type III environmental product declarations (EPD) for all products in the Balcony Doors category.